Documentation: Andreas Symietz
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Harvest Dome 2.0


New York City

Harvest Dome 2.0 is a rebuilding of the Harvest Dome, which was marooned off of Rikers in 2011,

en route to its exhibition in the Inwood Hill Park Inlet. Harvest Dome 2.0 is currently floating at Inwood Hill Park Inlet through Labor Day weekend. On July 31 we brought the 24-foot diamter orb up the East and Harlem Rivers by barge and tug from the Brooklyn Navy Yards, where we had been assembling it for over a month. The Inwood Canoe Club met us at the mouth of the inlet and helped us guide and anchor the dome in the water directly across from the Nature Center.


Special Thanks: Matthew Hopkins, Brooklyn Navy Yards; NYC Fire Department Marine Operations, The Architectural League; NYC Department of Parks; Indian Road Cafe; City of New York; Lower Manhattan Cultural Counci, Brooklyn Roasting
Company, and all of our Kickstarter supporters.


>Harvest Dome 2.0 is currently floating on exhibit at the Inwood Hill Park Inlet through August 31st.


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Harvest Dome 2.0 Project Team

Amanda Schachter & Alexander Levi, Principals
Team: Sharif Anous, Jee Hyung Park, Nate Long, Hande Oney, Therese Diede, Gerard Joyas, with help from Billy Rohan, Chris Maldonado, Arthur Shmulevsky, Rachel Mulder, and Eiji Jimbo